Friday Jul 17 8:30 PM on Boom Stage

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That first November 2011 night, when it all fell together, was just four friends who brought instruments to a shambling rehearsal space (or picked up what was there), along with something to drink and a curiosity about what might happen. The generation who has come of age in the new economy, already adept at shuffling jobs and get-bys, firmly acclimated to the diminished expectations that come with growing up somewhere the rest of the world assumes is nowhere. Which, in this case, is New Albany, Indiana.

Four musicians from New Albany, Indiana, across the river from Louisville. Where Will Oldham, Jim James, and Freakwater's Catherine Irwin live. A fecund place, and place matters. Not a sound, not a scene, but a place. A real place. “There is a familiar element about My Morning Jacket that I can't really pinpoint,” keyboardist and vocalist Katie says. “It's kinda like what I can't pinpoint about what Houndmouth is that we all sort of get. It just makes us feel at home."



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